Migration, Memory & Memorial

migration memory memorial

I would like to express my profound thanks and appreciation to the following people and organisations:

first, to Lena Watson, who translated texts from Yiddish and Russian; to Marie Chabbert, who helped with French translations; and to the unknown woman and man who translated diaries and many letters from Russian, Yiddish and French, but whose details were lost after the death of Natalie R.;

to Eddie Bundy of the British Newspaper Archive, for his encouragement and enthusiasm for this project; and to the directors of the British Newspaper Archive and the Jewish Chronicle Archive, who gave permission to include some of their articles, photographs, and other images;

to my dear friends, Debbie G., Christine P., Caroline G., Mary Jo M., Allegra L., and Patricia C. I., who supported and encouraged me from the time I received this archive, in 2012; to my colleague, Aileen C.N., who helped me to recognise the value of the archive and saw me through the years of patient waiting; to Anthony R., who offered valuable ongoing advice; and likewise, to my colleagues Jim F. and Paul B., who not only explored and discussed ethical concerns with me but also listened to my queries about tact and appropriateness;

and to my husband, Richard B., whose love, support, and encouragement have helped me through the years of collating and bringing the archive to life.

Above all, I would like to thank my sisters, my uncle, and all members of my extended family, who have not only agreed to the inclusion of material relating to their loved ones, but have also welcomed the publication of this archive, and have done so with a combination of enthusiasm, curiosity, affection, respect, and shared involvement. In order to protect privacy, I have not named family members.

This website is dedicated to the memory of all those included in the archive and, as requested by Natalie R. in an earlier version, to the memory of those in this archive who lived in Paris, and were murdered during the Holocaust.

Antonia Sutzkever, 2021

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